Is open to psychotherapists trained in the Conversational Model.
Therapists trained in other models can apply for membership based on meeting criteria.


The membership criteria are under review

Psychotherapists who meet the criteria for ANZAP Membership are entitled to special benefits.

  • ANZAP has registered the trade mark “ANZAP Registered Psychotherapist®” as a visual means for members to be identified as professional psychotherapists who are members of ANZAP and meet our ethical, professional development, and supervisory standards. Our trademark distinguishes ANZAP psychotherapists from others. 
  • Reduced fees for Seminars and the Annual Conference
  • Listing on the ANZAP website - Find a Psychotherapist and Find a Supervisor Making it easier for members of the public to find an ANZAP Psychotherapist and for prospective trainees to begin supervision in the Conversational Model
  • Voting rights at the AGM.
  • Free subscription to the ANZAP quarterly Bulletin, 
  • Membership of a vibrant, innovative international community of psychotherapists
  • Access to professional support and resources


Membership Application 


  1. There is a non-refundable Application fee of 38.50 AUD
  2. Applicants who meet the requirements may be offered an interview.
  3. The membership committee will make a recommendation to the Executive Committee of ANZAP on whether or not the applicant meets the requirements for membership. The final approval is at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
  4. The successful applicant will be advised of the outcome.
  5. If unsuccessful, the applicant will be contacted, and given feedback and guidance as to how it would be possible to meet the requirements for membership.
  6. ANZAP Students are automatically granted Provisional Membership.
  7. Associate Membership is open to students of approved courses of psychotherapy or such other classes of persons as shall be designated by the Management Committee from time to time. 


The Annual Membership Fee for 2016-2017 is:

Clinical Membership $410

Provisional Membership $410

Associate Membership $220



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A Short Introductory Seminar to the Conversational Model

Date: 21 Oct 2017

Venue Map Link here: 123A Mitchell Street, Glebe, NSW

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Responsibility, Blame and Forgiveness in the Clinical Setting

Date: 04 Nov 2017

Sydney University, New Law School Annexe 340, Eastern Avenue.


PO Box 4087

Key Contact: Anne Malecki. 

  • dummy(02) 8004 9873 from Australia

  • dummy(04) 887 0300 Toll free from New Zealand

  • dummy(02) 9012 0546

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First Point of Contact

Anne Malecki is responsible for the ANZAP Secretariat. She is the first point of contact for all matters. 

Telephone: AUS (02) 8004 9873



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