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Responsibility, Blame and Forgiveness in Philosophy and the Clinic
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Hanna Pickard - Combining personal narrative and philosophical analysis, Hanna Pickard will explore how clinical practice with people with personality disorder and complex needs challenges popular and philosophical ideas about responsibility and blame, showing how these can be clearly distinguished in theory and in practice.

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Phillip Graham - Derrida asserts that only the unforgivable is worthy of forgiveness. The capacity, willingness and struggle of traumatised people to forgive is often a central concern in the therapeutic endeavour. Hegel places forgiveness at the heart of recognitional trajectories which we refer to as relational or intersubjective fields; he also insists that this is the truly moral domain. How we hold people responsible and whether we blame, whether responsibility is accepted and how blame is apportioned, all impact upon the possibilities for forgiveness or not, with emotional consequences for all, as forgiveness is essentially an affective experience with its own trajectory.



Location Sydney University New Law School Seminar Room 107
An ANZAP Saturday seminar presented by Professor Hanna Pickard (Streaming live from the UK) and in-person by Dr Phillip Graham


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