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Sydney Workshop - An Introduction to the Conversational Model of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
Contact Anne Malecki: 02 8004 9873

Workshop Flyer

The Conversational Model is now used in short as well as long psycho-dynamic psychotherapy and can be used to treat various populations (such as adolescents, couples, groups, mothers and babies) who present with a wide range of symptoms such as anxiety and depression, grief and other reactions to losses, physical illnesses and somatisation, narcissism, mood instability, relational difficulties, lack of intimacy, parenting issues, lack of confidence and vitality.

All these symptoms often represent disruptions in the developmental history of the patient due to trauma and/or neglect. Such a history often prevents the development of a healthy, resilient and robust enough sense of self combined with a capacity to be vulnerable and experience intimacy. These consequences can be helped with the type of skilled psychotherapy provided by the Conversational Model.

The course would be of interest to suitably qualified people who wish to develop a specialist psychotherapeutic interest, or wish to enhance their psychotherapeutic skills within their current professional role. The course is open to medical graduates, clinical psychologists, psychologists, social workers, counsellors, clinical workers, clinical nurse specialists.

Location NSWIPP Premises, 123a Mitchell Street, Glebe, NSW (Cnr Derwent St)
Our introductory workshop will introduce the main elements of the Conversational Model and is highly recommended for anyone who is considering applying to commence training with us in 2019.  


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