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ANZAP Annual Conference 2019 - Society and Spirit in the Therapeutic Space
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Professor Andrew Samuels
Spiritualities in contemporary psychotherapy: personal, clinical, and sociopolitical perspectives

Emeritus Professor Russell Meares
Connections of the human universe: therapeutic implications

Leslie Stein
The effect of urban trauma on the spirit

Dr John Merchant
The ancient Greek myth of Chiron: further insights on the Wounded Healer

Dr Nick Bendit
The one patient who taught me more than anyone else!

Dr Judith Pickering
Performance - On not knowing and the search for meaning: a symposium on spiritual dimensions of psychotherapy

Dr Brendan McPhillips
The disasters of war: Goya as witness to the soul in torment

Kathleen McPhillips, Michael Voumard, and Marie-Thérèse Proctor
Panel - The impact of childhood trauma on spiritual well being

Dr Elizabeth Foley
The transformation of altruism in religious individuals

Rebecca Stuart
How much do you charge? The therapist and social inequality: trauma, oppression, privilege and therapy

Jesse Bourke
Listening to, between, and from within the lines we speak: brain asymmetries underlying linearity and non-linearity in speech

Location Primus Hotel Sydney, 339 Pitt Street, Sydney
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