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ANZAP has a range of Psychotherapy related events over the year, including conferences, ongoing seminars and workshops.

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anzap icon 1000 2Affect Regulation through Mind/Body Integration (Using Heart rate Variability Tools) - Elana Cohen

Date: 28 Mar 2020

Location: Sydney University

Elana Cohen is a psychologist and psychotherapist working in private practice in Sydney.  In addition to psychotherapy Elana has an interest in biofeedback and the interrelatedness of mind and body. Where appropriate she integrates Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback, an evidence-based treatment modality, into her psychotherapy work with clients.  Elana has a Masters of Science in Medicine (Psychotherapy) through Sydney University.  She is a seminar leader for the Advanced Training in the Psychotherapies RANZCP trainees in NSW and is co-secretary to the Board of the Blue Knot Foundation.

anzap icon 1000 2Seminar presented by Julia Meyerowitz-Katz and Kevin Connor SC

Date: 23 May 2020

Location: Sydney University

Julia will present "Disquiet in the consulting room: everything/nothing that is said here is confidential" and Kevin will present on what happens when your notes are subpoenaed.

anzap icon 1000 2Streaming live for us from the USA - Dr Terry Marks-Tarlow presenting "The Interpersonal Neurobiology of Intuitive Flashes, Hunches, and Gut Feelings"

Date: 25 Jul 2020

Location: Sydney University

How do we know exactly what to do and say as psychotherapists? Clinical intuition is indispensable to effective psychotherapy, yet the topic is rarely discussed within the current social politics of our field. Clinical intuition fills the gap between theory and practice through moment-­to-­moment, embodied perceptions and emergent responses unique to each person, moment, and therapeutic dyad.

anzap icon 1000 2Gender Diversity in a Contemporary Jungian Psychoanalytic Context

Date: 22 Aug 2020

Location: Sydney University

Presented by ANZAP Member Katina Ellis and Psychotherapist and Jungian Analyst Kerrie Kirkwood


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