ANZAP Trademark

In January 2017, the ANZAP Management Committee successfully registered the title “ANZAP Registered Psychotherapist®” with Intellectual Property Australia, the body that regulates trademarks in Australia

The ability to use the trademark provides a level of recognition of ANZAP members as a unique group of psychotherapists who meet a high standard of advanced training, supervision and professional development.

The Licence and Usage Rules and Guidelines outlines fully the details of the trademark and license rules and conditions.

Members who wish to use the title must complete the form included in the attached document and return it to Anne Malecki at ANZAP.

The license while dependent on membership is not automatic (i.e. a member cannot use the title until licensed).

Anne will respond with an email acknowledging your registration and license to use the term.

Please do not use the term until you have an approval response from the ANZAP office.


Education with ANZAP

ANZAP continues to provide educational support post-graduation and throughout the career of the Psychotherapist. Members who wish to gain skills in areas beyond psychotherapy are welcome to join the vibrant Management Committee, or the education sub- committee or to contribute to the ANZAP Journal, there are multiple opportunities to become involved, to get to know other members  and to contribute. 

PIT-UK is our sister organisation in the UK. For more information on PIT-UK visit the website. Click here.


ANZAP Community

The Conversational Model is an evidence-based approach for experienced practitioners working with complex trauma and personality disorders.


PO Box 3595

Key Contact: Anne Malecki. 
Ph: (02) 8004 9873 from Australia
Ph: (04) 887 0300 Toll free from New Zealand

First Point of Contact

Anne Malecki is responsible for the ANZAP Secretariat. She is the first point of contact for all matters. 

Telephone: AUS (02) 8004 9873