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anzap icon 1000 2Streaming live for us from the USA - Dr Terry Marks-Tarlow presenting "The Interpersonal Neurobiology of Intuitive Flashes, Hunches, and Gut Feelings"

Date: 25 Jul 2020

Location: Sydney University

How do we know exactly what to do and say as psychotherapists? Clinical intuition is indispensable to effective psychotherapy, yet the topic is rarely discussed within the current social politics of our field. Clinical intuition fills the gap between theory and practice through moment-­to-­moment, embodied perceptions and emergent responses unique to each person, moment, and therapeutic dyad.

anzap icon 1000 2Gender Diversity in a Contemporary Jungian Psychoanalytic Context

Date: 22 Aug 2020

Location: Sydney University

Presented by ANZAP Member Katina Ellis and Psychotherapist and Jungian Analyst Kerrie Kirkwood

anzap icon 1000 2Dr Nancy McWilliams - Rethinking Madness: An Argument for a Dimensional View of Pschopathology

Date: 03 Oct 2020

Location: - Zoom attendance only

The intentionally “neo-Kraepelinian” orientation (categorical concepts, with present-versus-absent criteria) of the current DSM and ICD taxonomies are in some ways inconsistent with clinical experience. In the DSM, for example, there are only a limited number of conditions labeled as psychotic. Many clinicians, in contrast, have viewed psychopathology dimensionally, inferentially, and contextually, using the term “psychotic” in broader ways. In that tradition, this talk will argue for a psychotic level of many psychological conditions that bring individuals to treatment, not merely the schizophrenic illnesses and psychotic mood disorders. Emphasis will be put on the clinical value of construing psychopathology dimensionally.

anzap icon 1000 2CANCELLED - ANZAP Annual Conference 2020. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we regret to advise that this year's Conference has been cancelled.

Date: 17 Oct 2020



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