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anzap icon 1000 2Dr Nancy McWilliams - Rethinking Madness: An Argument for a Dimensional View of Pschopathology

Date: 03 Oct 2020

Location: - Zoom attendance only.

The intentionally “neo-Kraepelinian” orientation (categorical concepts, with present-versus-absent criteria) of the current DSM and ICD taxonomies are in some ways inconsistent with clinical experience. In the DSM, for example, there are only a limited number of conditions labeled as psychotic. Many clinicians, in contrast, have viewed psychopathology dimensionally, inferentially, and contextually, using the term “psychotic” in broader ways. In that tradition, this talk will argue for a psychotic level of many psychological conditions that bring individuals to treatment, not merely the schizophrenic illnesses and psychotic mood disorders. Emphasis will be put on the clinical value of construing psychopathology dimensionally.

anzap icon 1000 2Beatrice Beebe Streaming Live - Urgent Engagement in 9/11 Pregnant Widows and Their Infants: Transmission of Trauma

Date: 16 Oct 2020

Location: Zoom attendance only.

Children are highly vulnerable to parental trauma but are often forgotten in a disaster. These mothers were pregnant and widowed on September 11, 2001; their infants were in utero. Face-to-face interactions of these 9/11 infants at 4 months and their mothers were compared to a community sample matched on infant gender, mother SES, age and ethnicity. Findings of heightened engagement in 9/11 dyads, across mother and infant gaze and affect, maternal touch and spatial orientation, documented a mutual vigilance picture described as urgent engagement. Remarkably, infants and mothers showed similar patterns. In the wake of traumatic loss, these widows and their infants made intense efforts to visually respond and visually re-engage, to maintain positive affect and touch, and to immediately repair any negative moments.

anzap icon 1000 2Dr Nick Bendit & Dr Anthony Korner - What is Dissociation, how does it manifest and how do you work with it?

Date: 17 Oct 2020

Location: Zoom attendance only

Dissociation is a central concept in the Conversational Model. This seminar will briefly outline the CM’s view of dissociation, its historical association with the work of Janet and the neuroscience describing dissociative phenomena. However, the bulk of the seminar will be looking at how dissociation manifests in the psychotherapy space and how it is managed clinically. In the longer term the therapeutic pathway involves a process of re-association.


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